Update 1 – July 24th

Welcome to the First Dragon Trail MTB Update

We have been working hard behind the scenes on the race and are pleased to share some of the following updates with you

Course Update

We are getting closer to sharing the much awaited GPX route of the Dragon Trail MTB. It has all been a little secret squirrel as we can’t release it until the official opening of the much anticipated [St Helens Mountain Bike Trails]. None the less – the below diagram is pretty close to what you can expect …. There are a couple of changes; Day 1 is a little longer and Day 3 a little shorter. This has enabled us to take in more iconic Derby Trails and let everyone get back in time for the post race party. Take a look at out updated [course page here]

Current Entries – Entry Cap Set

In great news, we have surpassed our total expected number of entries in the first year. It is exciting to see that 12% of riders are international and a whopping 42% of current entries are women. While the majority of those entered are there to give the course their best shot or for the experience, competition out front will be exciting. A few of the countries top riders will be there to set blazing KOM/QOMs for the course, looking take the crown as the inaugural champions.

Entries will be capped in the first year to 400 riders to ensure everyone has a great race and time. It is currently 40% full. To enter click here.

Dragons + Yurts + Speakers

Plans are coming together for the Social Hub of the Dragon Trail MTB event. We had to do it, what better way to enjoy a beer, good food, music and some interesting speakers … than in a yurt! We are very happy to welcome the Don River Yurt Co. as our head “vibe” creators of this space.

Each evening we plan to have a range of interesting speakers, short films and options to kick back to. Have an interesting story or know someone who does? We are currently looking for speakers to add to our line up. Get in touch … info@dragontrail.com.au

E-Bikes are Go

E-Bikes at the Dragon Trail MTB are go. After a lot of discussion and consultation, a new category to welcome E-Bikers has been added to the Dragon Trail MTB stage race. E-Bikes are the fastest growing area of mountain biking and allow more people to get out and enjoy the trails. The inclusion of e-bikes at the race will enable more to join in the fun as well as testing capabilities of the e-bikes and e-bike riders to the upper limit. The course is long and it is predicated batteries won’t last the whole route. Strategy will be paramount. The e-bike policy is listed below.

Pedal assisted e-bikes may be used provided they do not have a power output greater than 250watts or a powered speed faster than 25km/hr. E-bikes will have their own single category and will not be eligible for age group or overall prizes. E-bikes will not be able to start in lead groups and will be clearly identifiable by all riders with different coloured number plates on the front and back of bikes.

Break O’Day Council Vote to Sponsor Event

A huge thanks goes to the Break O’Day council for backing the event in its first year and voting to sponsor the Dragon Trail MTB at its last meeting. “The Dragon Trail Event fits perfectly with our vision to become the undisputed mountain bike destination in the world by offering a journey like no other for everyone – mountains to the sea. We can’t wait to welcome riders to our region in March ” Mick Tucker, Mayor of Break O’Day council.

Benefits of the sponsorship mean we can look forward to some beautiful Flow MTB imagery at the race as well as support for a local artist to create a perpetual trophy for the event. Stay tuned for details.

Social Relay – Swaps and Older Kids

We’ve had a few questions about the social relay. This category is for those riding couples who may have small kids in tow or for those just not sure if they can make the whole distance. It is a fun category with an emphasis on participation.

How it works is there are aid stations each day where riders can swap. We don’t keep track of your swaps, just a start and finish time for the day. You can swap at every aid station or one person can ride the whole day. There are two aid stations on Day 1, two on Day 2 and one on Day 3.

To support families with older kids who would like to do a section, one child may accompany a registered riding guardian on any section.

Camper / Motor Home Update

We have had a lot of enquires about this and decided to allow small campervans and motorhomes into the offical race camps. Space will be at a premium so you are restricted to a 7m x 3.5m space (with a small amount of room either side). You will also be restricted to only one extra person accompanying per rider. Your +1 and camper will need to be pre-registered and there will be a small ammenities fee. Details will be available closer to the event. Campers will have an allocated area separate from the fenced off tent area.

If you have a lager set up or more people accompanying you, just head to one of the recommenced places to camp near by. Details can be found by clicking here.

Minimal Waste Event From the Get Go

While events like these have huge health, social and economic benefits for the region, they can create a lot of waste and burn a lot of resources. From the get go, we are aiming for Dragon Trail to be a minimal waste event. This way we can contribute to a better more sustainable world as well as protecting the pristine environment that we are headed to. There will be many initiatives at the race to embrace this theme and we ask that anyone attending do their best to support these measures.

PS. If you can’t wait until next March for a mountain bike race, why not head out to the Redback… next month

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