Rider Update 1 – Feb 2020

6 weeks to go until Dragon Trail!

Part 1 of the rider information has been released now as there is information you will need for your planning, and in addition the event organisation has a number of ordering deadlines coming up so we will need confirmation from you.  Please take the time to read through the information below. A full information kit will be sent out in the couple of weeks before the event.

Ordering Extras Deadlines

We would like you to head back to your entry system to finalise your orders for any of following items by the date noted. To add, change or update items to your entry, please log in to the system at https://geocentric.account.webconnex.com/

  • Deluxe Camping Package – orders close on 20th February (this has proven to be very popular and we need to order more tents!)
  • Airport Transfers – orders close on 4th March*
  • Pre-ordered bike care packages – orders close on 4th March (see here for more information)
  • Gourmet Breakfast Boxes – orders close on 4th March (price increase at this point).
  • Camping gas canisters and CO2 canisters – orders close on 4th March
  • Wellness Centre Package (remedial massage etc) … more information on this coming soon

*Note – Glitch – There is a small problem with the entry form with our transfers. In particular changing between the 0700 and 0830 St Helens – Launceston airport runs. If you are on either of these transfers, we will email you separately to confirm which shuttle you are on.

Packing Related Additions / Changes

Food Explained;

We have had a few question regarding food and what to expect. Generally…

Breakfast – you will need to provide your own breakfast, cutlery and bowel/ plate or alternately order a breakfast box. There will be a coffee van onsite (we can’t promise lines will be short so some back up coffee bags might be the go). There will also be a camp kitchen available at each site with kettles for hot water and a sink to wash up. The camp kitchens are basic and have a microwave (no stove tops).

Snacks on Course – There will be one assistance point on each stage with some snacks available, and again at the daily finish line.  Don’t forget to pack whatever you want in the way of bars/gels/snacks for while you are riding.

Late Lunch / Dinner – there will be some fantastic food options available to purchase at the end of each day at the camp sites provided by food trucks and local vendors. These will be open during the afternoon and evening. Alternately if you would like to bring your own, there is the camp kitchen.

Start & Finish Line Bag

There is nothing worse that freezing while you wait to start or desperately needing a jumper when you end a race . To help with this, we are providing a drawstring bag to each rider to put useful personal items in. Bring it with you to the start line and just before you head off, place it in an allocated tub next to the start line. The tub will be transported to the finish line ready and waiting for you. We recommend you put in some specific finish line snacks and something dry/warm to wear until you get to the camp site and locate your larger personal camping bag. Please do not put in any precious items as we do not take responsibility for the security of the bag.

Logistics Additions

In addition to the information on the web site

  • we can transport Swags in addition to your personal bag
  • while we prefer everything in one bag, if it is causing you a serious headache, we can accept 2 personal bags (within reason)
  • parking in Branxholm – if you wish to leave your car in Branxholm, we recommend you park it at the Branxholm Lodge located around 200m from the camp site. This is a private home in the old school and is fully fenced. The owners have kindly said that cars can be left there at no cost. No responsibly will be taken for the security. The alternate is to leave it on the recreation ground.

Mandatory Gear

There is mandatory gear in this event as the trails you are riding are quite remote and adventurous. In particular day 2 has an alpine section, Blue Tier, where can be windy and cold. It has even been known to snow up there in summer!

Make sure you have the following mandatory gear;

  • emergency space blanket (carry all times)
  • triangular bandage, 2 x crepe bandages (suitable for snake bite), non-adhesive dressing and surgical gloves (carry all times)
  • bike repair kit – at minimum a tube, pump, multitool and chain link (carry all times)
  • GPS tracker which is provided by us and is a little larger than a matchbox. It will be electrical taped to your bike (carry all times)
  • phone – all carriers have intermittent coverage. (carry all times).
  • thermal top or equivalent (weather dependent – call will be made as to whether this is mandatory for each day the night before)
  • light weight jacket (weather dependent – call will be made as to whether this is mandatory for each day the night before)

Note: this is just a minimum requirement – make your own decision on additional items. ie if you get cold easily, you may want to carry more. You may definitely want a few more spare parts.

Water Out on the Course

There will be a water re-fill station at the Assistance Point each day. We recommend that you set off with a minimum of 2 litres each morning. Tasmania has the sort of environment where if it is sunny and warm, it sucks the water out of you and it is easy to become dehydrated. On that don’t forget sunscreen!

Timing / Start Times

As this race is packed with amazing single track, and some out of this world descents, riders will begin each stage at 10 second intervals.  Primarily the Dragon Trail about you and the trails and we want to actively minimise the problems that can come with lots of overtaking and large packs causing bottlenecks.  The aim will be that the fastest riders set off first on each stage.

Practically this means that;

  • On each stage, each rider is scanned at the start line to record your unique start time, and scanned again the finish line to record your unique finish time.  Your time on each of the three stages is added to give your overall finish time and placing
  • Day 1 will begin with a short prologue of approximately 3km.  For the prologue only you will start as a group in your nominated start wave.  The order you finish the prologue is the order you begin stage 1. No times are recorded for the prologue and the prologue has no effect on your overall race time – is just sets the order for riders to start – fastest at the front, slowest at the back.
  • Stage 2 start order will be determined by Stage 1 times – the fastest rider on day one is the first rider to depart on day 2.
  • Further details on the Interval Starts will be released in Part 2
  • If for some reason – eg you have a severe mechanical issue on the prologue, provision can be made to seed you in an appropriate position.


The event will be tracked by www.trackmelive.com.au – which means we as organisers will know where you are. Friends and family will also be able to follow the race from home. The trackers are provided to each rider and use Telstra mobile coverage. We have coverage for around 60% of the course.


We are looking forward to sharing the program with you all! We have a range of fascinating speakers conducting fireside chats as well as bike skills sessions and shows by legendary Borys Zagrocki. We also have a yoga session at the end of each day to stretch and sooth those tired muscles and some beautiful musicians to chill out too.


Sorry all – huge update on this coming shortly. The trails are simply amazing and you won’t be disappointed!

Safe training!

The Dragon Trail Crew

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