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Get in quick for this special. Once they are gone, they are gone. 

There is a total of 200 spots available for this price until sold out.

All riders who enter before 15th December will receive a swag bag including a special microfibre Dragon Trail towel.  This cut-off date is necessary to factor in the current long time frames for ordering and shipping products, and to reduce event waste with over-ordering for unknown numbers of later entries.  If you would love a Dragon Trail swag bag as part of your entry, don’t miss this cut-off date!

*Young Guns – To support the next generation, riders under 23 on the start day of the race will receive a 25% discount on their entry fee. This will be applied during the entry process.

** All participants will be required to sign an indemnity waiver during the entry process. An example waiver can be viewed here

Scroll down for other entry conditions.

Add On Options to Entry Fee

A pop-up tent, camp chair, tent lights, and a foam mat are a part of this package. Tents are a roomy 3-person size with a floor space of  2.8m x 2.25m. You will still need to BYO your sleeping bag and sleeping mat.
Racing with a partner or friend and happy to share a tent with them?  When entering, just one of you select this option and note the second person’s name on the form.  A pop-up tent, 2 x camp chairs, tent lights, and 2 x foam mats are a part of this package. Tents are a roomy 3-person size with a floor space of  2.8m x 2.25m. You will still need to BYO your sleeping bags and sleeping mats.
Either or both, Launceston airport to Branxholm at the start of the race / St Helens to Launceston airport at the end of the race. This includes the transport of your personal gear and bikes. Bikes need to be transported in their protective case or box that you use on the plane. They cannot be transported unpacked.
Day 2 starts at Weldborough and riders will need to either book this transfer, or make their own arrangements to get to the start.  It is approximately 30min from Branxholm to Weldborough.  
If you drive your own vehicle to the Day 2 start at Weldborough, you can book this transfer to return you at the end of Day 2 to Weldborough to collect your vehicle.  
Package Includes:
Unbox & Assembly on arrival at Branxholm
Bike Wash & Tune @ end of each day
Bike Box ready for the return

* Parts not included in wash & tune, International travelers may require additional wash service (for customs clearance) prior to boxing, this is not included in standard pricing.

Package Includes:
Bike Wash & Tune @ end of Day 1 Branxholm, and end Day 2 St Helens

* Parts not included in wash & tune

On the entry form there are many items you can pre-order from the Camp Store to make your life a little easier when you arrive.  In particular gas canisters, camping stove gas etc that you can’t take on planes.  But also items like energy supplements/ gels, and a range of event merchandise.  If you place an order through your entry form you receive a 10% discount as well!  

Entry Fees include

  • 3 days of great racing run by one of Australia’s most experienced adventure event organisers Geocentric Outdoors.
  • Feed stations, and basic mechanical and medical support out on the course.
  • The normal race stuff includes number plates, timing, results, etc.
  • Daily and overall event prizes and medallions.
  • Bike wash facilities, social hub.
  • Camping in the race campsites each night bringing your own tent/car/ camping gear.


Cancellations, Transfers, and Refunds

Event cancellation, transfer, and refund policy for 2023.

If a rider voluntarily withdraws or wishes to cancel their entry they must email [email protected] the following will apply:

    • Cancellation prior to 15th January 2023 – full refund on entry fee and extras, less $69 cancellation fee.
    • Cancellation from 15 Jan to 15th February 2023 – 75% refund on all fees paid including entry and extras.
    • After 15th February 2023 and until 3 days prior to start – 50% credit on all fees paid towards a future Dragon Trail Event (for use in 2024 or 2025).
    • Cancellation within 3 days of start or non-attendance – no refund no credit.
    • A rider can transfer their entire entry to a new rider they find at any stage up to 3 days before the event. There are no fees for this.
    • No exemptions to the above.  Sorry to be direct, but so there is no misunderstanding this includes if you change your mind, you are injured or break a bone, you are sick, you didn’t do enough training, you or someone close to you has covid, you or a family member is diagnosed with cancer, you get divorced, you are caught in a weather event, or any other reasons. To avoid rejection please do not write and ask for an exemption.  If you would like financial protection if something unexpected happens please take out travel or other insurance for your needs.
    • No cash refunds are available on credits.
You may add extras to your entry at any stage up to 3 days prior to the race.  If you wish to cancel any previously booked extras please email [email protected] and these will be refunded in full to the credit card you entered with.

A Rider can transfer their entire entry to a new rider at any stage up to 3 days before the event. There are no fees for this, but it is the new rider must accept the entire entry including extras.  Email [email protected] to assist make the transfer.  Organisers do not maintain a waitlist and do not find riders for you if you want to transfer your entry.

In the event of extreme weather event over the race dates, organisers reserve the right to alter the course, format, number of racing days, locations, trails, etc for safety of riders and to meet any government requirements.  There are no refunds or credits in this situation where the event is altered.

Organisers reserve the right to alter or change the course without notice, for reasons such as extreme weather events, government directions, or other unspecified reasons, and no refunds, transfers, or credits are offered.
If the race is canceled due to acts of God, natural disasters, terrorism, pandemic or other reasons, etc, (other than COVID) the organisers will make every effort to refund as much of the entry fee as possible to all teams. The race will not be re-scheduled.


The event organisers have a public liability insurance policy to the value of 20 million dollars. This is a compulsory insurance policy in Australia for events that are organised on, or cross through, any form of government land/public place.

This, however, is not personal accident insurance for you! It is strongly recommended you have your own personal accident insurance.

It is a condition of entry that you must have ambulance cover. Unless you’re from Tasmania or Queensland, you’ll need to take this out (or ensure it is part of your private health cover). Here are some details. 


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