The race will take you on a journey across the North East of Tasmania. Most days are point to point, meaning they start in one location and finish in another. While an amazing journey, it can make accommodation a little complicated.

By far the easiest logistical option is to camp at rider camps at the end of each day. The race is set up to do this with bags and camping equipment transferred between each camp.

If you are bringing supporters or a motorhome, there are options near the end of each stage to set up. These are detailed below.

We know camping isn’t for everyone or you might want to bring your family and need fixed accommodation. If you choose this, you will need to organise being picked up at the end of each day by supporters or by a local private transfer operator. The roads in the area are long and windy which makes staying in the same accommodation all week difficult in terms of driving. For maximum comfort, we would recommend you spend the Wednesday and Thursday nights in the vicinity of Derby / Branxholm and the Friday / Saturday nights in the vicinity of St Helens.

We have outlined these options below;

Pre-race – Branxholm

Branxholm is a cute little country town with a small supermarket, Airbnb’s, cafe, pizza restaurant, pub, and various campgrounds. The Branxholm Recreation Ground is the location of Event HQ/ Registration, the pre-race Social Hub, and the start of Stage 1. (see map for further details). Branxholm is 8km from the town of Derby.

Rider Camping: There is a rider camp set up at the Branxholm Oval. Don’t have a tent and camping gear?  We can assist – see our camping equipment packages.

Supporter / Motorhome / Car Camping: There is very basic camping available at the rider camp for motorhomes and campers. There is also free camping with toilets and showers close by at Branxholm Park. Take a look at or check out their conditions of stay by clicking here. Branxholm Park is approximately 1km from where riders are staying at Camp 1 at the Branxholm Recreation Center. Alternatively, supporters can camp (or book other accommodation) at nearby Derby which is only 7kms away. Details are also available at with conditions of stay here.

Airbnb/Fixed Accommodation: Branxholm and nearby Derby are full of Airbnb’s set up for mountain bikers. There is also some pub accommodation and farm stays. There are no hotels.





End Day1/ Start Day 2 – Weldborough

The first day of riding finishes in the small village of Weldborough. Weldborough has a pub and not a lot else! The pub has drinks, meals, and coffee. There are no shops or services in Weldborough.

The Social Hub, Event HQ, and rider camp are located at the Hotel – see map for further information.  Stage 2 begins from the Hotel the following morning.

Rider Camping: There is a rider camp set up at the Weldborough Pub. There is no camping inside the pub grounds for motorhomes, supporters, or vehicles.

Supporter / Motorhome / Car Camping: Night 2 for the riders is in the small village of Weldborough and there are very limited accommodation options for Supporters and Motor Homes. Supporters will have access to Weldborough Hotel during the day to cheer on their riders but will need to find an alternate location to stay for the night. The entire Weldborough Hotel campground and cabins will be booked by the race organisers for the riders camping in tents and officials. You might be able to find a spot in the surrounding street.  However, there is a fabulous recreational ground you can camp at located a 25-minute drive away in Pyengana. The campground works on an honesty system and the last time we looked it was $5 per night. More information here. Alternately supporters could either go back to Branxholm/ Derby for this night (30 mins drive) or move forward to St Helens (45 mins drive).

Airbnb/Fixed Accommodation: Weldborough has a hand full of AirBnBs. If staying in this sort of accommodation, it would make sense to return to Branxholm / Derby for this night or move forward to St Helens.

Weldborough is a 25-35 minute drive from Branxholm / Derby and 45 minutes from St Helens.


End Day2/ Start & Finish Day 3 – St Helens

The nights at the end of Day 2 and 3 are spent in St Helens. This is a much larger town than Branxholm or Weldborough and has many options for accommodation. There are also 2 large IGA supermarkets, many restaurants, bike shops, and a laundromat.

Day 2 finishes at Swimcart Beach which is 15km from St Helens town.  Day 3 starts and finishes from the Flagstaff Trailhead which is 5km from the town. The Rider Camp, Event HQ, and Social Hub are located at the St Helens Recreation Ground in St Helens.

Rider Camping: There is a rider camp set up at the St Helens Recreation Ground.

Supporter / Motorhome / Car Camping: There is free motor home parking for the public next to the rider camp. If you’re after an alternate camping location, there is the Big 4 St Helens which is in the heart of St Helens with all the expected facilities.  You could also try the St Helens Waterfront which is right near the start line of Stage 3. There is also the St Helens RV Park and a small council RV area next to the recreation ground. If you don’t mind being a bit out of town, there are beautiful beachfront campsites managed by National Parks located in the Bay of Fires (and at the actual finish line of Day 2).

Airbnb/Fixed Accommodation: St Helens is a holiday town and has a lot of accommodation options you would expect in a larger town. There are hotels, cabins + Airbnb’s. There’s lots to do in and around St Helens, take a look here for ideas and more fixed accommodation options.




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