Bike Maintenance


Tune Cycles has joined the event as the official Maintenance Crew. Tune Cycles specialise in mobile bike maintenance and repair services are bringing its mechanics & workshops to the Dragon Trail. The team will be set up at each campsite offering service, repair, and wash services.  Also on the course at Aid Stations for emergency support to keep you moving.

They’ll have all the essential parts on hand so a sticky stick or a cheeky rock doesn’t ruin your race.  Tune Cycles have a range of Service Packs available for prepurchase so you can spend more time socialising at camp and less time worrying about tomorrow.  By pre-purchasing, the team will make sure they’re carrying the right brake pads, derailleurs, and suspension seal kits to keep your bike on the trail and you’ll save money!

Bike Wash and Tune Packages for 2023

Deluxe Service Packs Reg $210 for first 50 packages ($299 regular price)

Package Includes:
Unbox & Assembly on arrival at Branxholm
Bike Wash & Tune @ Branxholm end of day 1
Bike Wash & Tune @ St Helens end of day 2
Bike Box ready for the return

* Parts not included in wash & tune, International travelers may require additional wash service (for customs clearance) prior to boxing, this is not included in standard pricing.

End of Stage Wash & Tune $160

Package Includes:
Bike Wash & Tune @ End of Day 1
Bike Wash & Tune @ End of Day 2

* Parts not included in wash & tune,

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