Tasmania’s East Coast is many different things. Yes, it’s picture-perfect, white sand beaches and open, endless blue horizons. It’s a place that makes you feel like you’re the first person to leave a footprint. It’s national parks filled with wonders, and seaside towns filled with welcome. It’s a gourmet food bowl bursting with the best local fare. But it’s also much more than that….Discover Tasmania

Supporter Accommodation

Your partner/ friends/ family are welcome to enjoy the region and cheer you along each day.  However, due to space restrictions, there is no camping available for supporters at the official Race Camps. There are however many other places they can camp, or book into, which are close to the race.  Riders may choose to stay with their supporter in these alternate areas – which is totally ok.

While supporters can cheer riders over the finish line and access food trucks, for safety and security reasons supporters and not permitted into the area set up for rider camping.  Only riders with a security band are permitted access to the official race camps.

Night 1 – Branxholm

Branxholm is a small town with a small supermarket, some Airbnb’s and free camping with toilets and showers by the river at Branxholm Park. Take a look at or check out their conditions of stay by clicking here. Branxholm Park is approximately 1km from where riders are staying at Camp 1 at the Branxholm Recreation Center.

Alternatively, supporters can camp (or book other accommodation) at nearby Derby which is only 7kms away. Details are also available at with conditions of stay here.

Photo: Andrew McIntosh

Photo: Flow Mountain Bike

Night 2 – Pyengana

Night 2 for the riders is in the small village of Weldborough and there are very limited accommodation options for Supporters there. Supporters will have access to Weldborough Hotel during the day to cheer on their riders but will need to find an alternate location to stay for the night.  The entire Weldborough Hotel campground and cabins will be booked by the race organisers for the riders and officials.

There is a fabulous recreational ground you can camp at located a 25-minute drive away in Pyengana. The campground works on an honesty system and last we looked was $5 per night. More information here.

There are a lot of things to see in Pyengana, take a look at Discover Tasmania’s page here It is close to the famous Pyengana Dairy which has daily cheese tastings and the famous Pub in the Paddock. You can walk off the extra calories by heading out to St Columbus falls, which is also located nearby.

Alternately Supporters could either go back to Branxholm/ Derby for this night (30 mins drive) or move forward to St Helens (50 mins drive).

Night 3 & 4 – St Helens

St Helens is a much larger town and has many options for fixed accommodation as well as camping. There are a lot of things to do around St Helens, take a look here for ideas and fixed accommodation ideas.

If you’re after camping, there are a few options. There is the Big 4 St Helens which is in the heart of St Helens with all the expected facilities.  You could also try the St Helens Waterfront which is quite close to the start line of Day 3s riding. Alternately, if you don’t mind being a bit out of town, there are beautiful camp sites managed by Parks located in the Bay of Fires right on the beach.

Photo: Sean Scott

Supporter Vehicles

If your supporters are coming to cheer you on while you race they will be able to collect a map from the race with designated viewing points marked. The start and end of each day are accessible by sealed roads. The event does traverse the Tasmania wilderness and some of the mid-stage viewing points are on unsealed forestry roads and parking may be tight.

Supporter vehicles, including campers, caravans, trailers, etc are not permitted in the designated race Camps.


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