Personal Gear – Rider Camps

You are embarking on a magnificent journey through some of the finest wilderness single track in the world. While this makes moving gear a little more complicated, don’t worry because we have you covered and aim to make it as simple and stress-free as possible.

1 x Personal Bag

Camp 1 (Branxholm) -> Camp 2 (St Helens)

Each rider staying at the rider campsite can have 1 personal bag or 2 small bags moved between Branxholm and St Helens. Bags must be no bigger than your normal-sized duffle bag or suitcase and weigh no more than 30kgs.  All your personal equipment you aren’t riding the stage with, including any food you are bringing, your sleeping mats/bags, bike spares, and your camping tents (if you are BYO tent) must be stowed inside the bag for transport.

All care will be taken with the transport of the bags but please note they will be stacked on top of each other during transport moves.

If you have selected the Camping Equipment Option, your tent & chair do NOT need to fit inside your personal bag.

Bags are handed in at the Luggage Point in Branxholm on the morning prior to departing for the start of the Day 2 stage.  They will be waiting for you when you arrive in St Helens.

Bike Box / Bag – Excess Bags

Bike Bags/ Boxes – Camp 1 (Branxholm) -> Camp 2 (St Helens)

For those catching airport transfers, your excess gear including your bike boxes/bags will be transported directly from Camp 1 at Branxholm to Camp 2 at St Helens. They will be moved on Thursday while you are riding Day 1, so please note you won’t have access to these bags/boxes after you finish Day 1.  They will be moved to a storage area at Camp 2 where you can collect them on your arrival after the Day 2 stage.

Start / Finish line Bag

We know how frustrating it can be to freeze while you wait to start, or desperately need a jumper or change of clothes when you end a stage. Bring this bag with you to the start line and just before you head off, place it in an allocated bin next to the start line. The tub will be transported to the finish line ready and waiting for you. We recommend you put in some specific finish line snacks and something dry/warm to wear until you get to the campsite. Sorry, we can’t take responsibility for any precious items you put in your finish line bag.

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