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Dragon Trail is more than a mountain bike race, it is an experience like no other and the Social Hub is where it’s at.  Not only do we love great trails, but we love relaxing with a craft beer or boutique wine after riding them, catching up with new friends and old, and basking in the warmth of a campfire.  Add to this an evening program of chilled out live music, presentations by intriguing speakers, great food and you have the ingredients for an unforgettable event!


Social Hub – Branxholm

The character-filled village of Branxholm is the location of the first Social Hub of the Dragon Trail. The distinctive red marquees are set on the Recreation Ground, perched a top a small hill and surrounded by knotted trees.  This venue has been home to many community events over the years.  The Branxholm Social Hub will be open on Tuesday from 4pm to 9m and Wednesday from 11am through to 9pm.

Branxholm town is small but has the necessary amenities including a handful of restaurants, a small but well-stocked IGA supermarket, a service station, and a quintessential country pub, known as the Grand Lady of the area. One of our fundraisers in the first year was for the Branxholm Progress Association to create a sculpture out of trees that were planted at the end of World War I.

Social Hub – Weldborough

You will finish the first day of racing in the charming village of Weldborough. Nestled in a lush valley amongst a handful of houses is the historic Weldborough Hotel with the Social Hub located in the grass field next to the pub. This spot is a favourite with MTBers who come to ride the famous Blue Tier trail and enjoy burgers and beer for lunch. There are no other shops or facilities in Weldborough.

The Weldborough Social Hub will be a great place to relax around a campfire, sip a great craft beer, and tuck into a hearty pub meal. It will be open on Thursday from 11am through to 9pm.

Social Hub – St Helens

St Helens is a major regional town on the edge of Georges Bay where miners originally landed to access the areas you have ridden through. St Helens has a charming seaside feel and many services including a supermarket, hospital, multiple restaurants, pubs, and cafes. Its nearby beaches are stunning and the area is renowned for fishing.

St Helens Recreation Ground is the location of the final Social Hub of the event, just next to the Bendigo Bank Indoor Stadium.  The St Helens Social Hub will be open on Friday and Saturday from 11am through to 9pm.

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