Race Specific FAQs

Yes. The entry system is set up so you can log back in at any stage and add extras like transfers and camping options once we are a bit closer to the race. You will be given a link at the bottom of your confirmation email that allows you to set up the account. Alternately Click Here.
You need basic mountain bike skills and the ability to ride Green and Blue Trails. The race is, however, as much about the journey and the experience as it is about the racing.  Start times will be staggered on your abilities and previous stage times, so you should mostly be riding with people of similar abilities around you.  And if a section of trail looks a bit tricky, or too steep, just hop off and push that section and keep riding afterward!  
Yes. There is one stage per day, and three days of Dragon Trail, so three stages in total.  Each stage is timed and your overall position is based on the sum of each of your stage times.  The lowest time is the winner if that is what you are aiming for!  Oh, there is the prologue before Stage 1, but this isn’t timed and is only used to determine your starting position.  
Ok. Day 2 is a big one and some people might not be able to face it. As a backup, we have a bus available to take you from Camp 1 (Branxholm) to Camp 2 (St Helens). You can then rejoin the race for Day 3. You will be marked as unranked.
Winners will spend approximately 2 to 3 hours riding each day. We will leave the stages open for approximately 8 hours to give anyone who is determined the ability to finish.
There are 2 x manned aid stations along the route most days you can withdraw from. If it just isn’t your day, or maybe you have had a major mechanical, we will transport you to the finish line from one of these points. You will be able to continue racing the next day with the race director’s permission.
We have basic mechanical support at the aid stations along the route each day. We know it takes a lot to get to the start line and really want you to have the best chance you can of finishing. There will also be a full bike mechanic set up at the end of each day in the camps.
The course keeps to the Green and Blue graded trails. These are generally fairly fast and any serious obstacle is well marked. You should be able to take a B line around anything that looks too tricky for you, or simply dismount and walk for that section. Some of the old mining and fire trails are quite rough. Again it may require hopping off and walking your bike for short sections. That being said, we believe the entire course is ridable… except for a gnarly uphill section Day 2….
On day 1 riders will be set off on a 5km prologue in the waves they nominated on their entry.  The order you finish the prologue is the order you will start the Day 1 stage at 5-second intervals – the fastest rider goes first and the slowest rider last. Day 2 & Days 3 will start with waves of 20 riders approximately 2 minutes apart.  Your wave will be decided on your time the day before.
The Dragon Trail is a race for solo riders and there is no category for pairs riding together. You and a friend are more than welcome to enter as two solos and ride each stage together and you will each receive an individual result.  More information on the Categories here
There is no category for E-Bikes. Initially, we were accepting entries for e-bikes, but after careful consideration, this option has been removed. There were concerns about how e-bikes may interrupt the regular flow of riders as they spread out across the course.  
Yes for all of those of you drawn to this brutal yet somehow admirable style of riding …. this category is a go. You are forewarned – check those course profiles carefully! It’s just one category – a prize for the best male and female. – no age groups.
Yes – we are lucky enough to have the team from Tune Cycles at the race with a bunch of experienced mechanics and mobile workshops. They will be located at the camps each night and also out on the course at aid points. You can even pre-book bike washes and tunes at the end of each day or get your bike assembled. To book, log back into your entry here.
The obvious answer is the bike you have. For an in-depth answer – take a look at Marathon MTBs article “What bike should you take to the Dragon Trail?”]
Starting in Branxholm/Derby the average high/low in March is 21° / 10° with 6 rain days in the month.  St Helens the average high/low in March is 22° / 11° with 6 rain days also.  Day 2 however going over Blue Tier is a higher altitude and can be cold and windy if we are unlucky.

Logistic FAQs

On the course each day there are 2 aid stations with some food, fruit, water, and nutrition. You will also have a finish line bag waiting for you at the end where you can stash food. Information on dinner options each day can be found on the Food Page.
No, the race is designed so you can undertake the event without a support crew and vehicle.  Especially for those who are flying into Tasmania, we want to reduce the hassle and let you spend more time enjoying the event.  If you want to bring a supporter though that is great! More information on accommodation.
If you are driving to the race that is totally fine.  Day 1 starts and finishes in Branxholm/ Derby.  Then, on Day 2 (Friday) drive to the start of the stage at Weldborough (approx 30mins) and park your car there for the day.  That afternoon you can book a shuttle ($44 and approx 40mins) back to Weldborough to collect your car.  Then drive it forward to St Helens.  Please note with the update of the course in 2023, the event is not organising shuttles back to Branxholm after Day 3.  
Launceston Airport is the best destination – check out our Transfer page for all of the details
Sorry, we are not able to provide transfers from Hobart airport. It is possible to use public transport or book with a private shuttle operator.
It is a 2.5-hour trip back to the airport and most flights have departed by the time we can get you there.  We recommend you plan to stay in St Helens Saturday night, clean up, enjoy the after-party and book your flights for Sunday.  The event shuttle will depart at 8 am and have you arriving at Launceston airport at approximately 10:30 am.
Yes, there are. There are several locations for showers and toilets at each camp. If you find yourself lining up, make sure you refer to the camp diagram to see where other shower blocks are located.]

Yes – we are happy to transport this for you between camps along with your personal bag. Make sure it is clearly labeled as yours
Camping isn’t for everyone and you are welcome to make other arrangements.  Many riders book a local AirBnB and drive to and from the race each day.  For more details on staying locally head to Accommodation 

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