Why the Dragon?

The Tin Dragon

The Trail of the Tin Dragon is the untold story of the North East of Tasmania. It is a Chinese story of boom and bust, flood and drought, riches and poverty, hope and despair, racial hatred and racial harmony. A story about the power of nature and of human transience.

This trail stretches from Launceston to St Helens, through Branxholm, Derby, Weldborough and Blue Tier.

Dragon Symbol

Chinese Dragons have been adopted as a symbol of the race. These legendary creatures of mythology are generally seen as kind and benevolent, representing power and wisdom in oriental cultures. Chinese Dragons are believed to control water elements such as rain, rivers, and oceans, as well as bestowing safety and luck on all.

The number nine is frequently connected with Chinese dragons and is seen as auspicious. There are nine forms of the dragon and nine of the most significant climbs throughout the event are named after these forms. We hope you will channel their strength and power to make it to the top!


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